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Your roof is like a shield for your building. It takes a beating from the elements, but it shelters your structure and protects your investment. Therefore, you need to give your roof the care it deserves. The team at Roofing Monkey is your go-to commercial roofing contractor in Truax, WI. We are here to ensure your roof remains in the best condition possible. Reach out to us today at 715-716-6493, and let us serve you!

Importance of a Strong Roof

A strong, sturdy roof is more than just a part of your building; it’s a vital component that protects your operations, your assets, and your employees. That’s where our team can help. We provide a broad range of services, which are all designed to keep your roof and your building in top condition.

How We Help

Roof inspections are a significant part of what we do. With our team of experienced professionals and the latest advances in roofing technology, we can accurately identify any potential weaknesses or damage. Early detection can mean the difference between minor repairs and a complete roof replacement.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

However, we don’t stop at identifying the problems. If we detect any issues during the inspection, we promptly carry out the necessary repairs. This can range from patching up leaks and replacing damaged shingles to resolving any weather-related damage. Our team’s vast experience means we can swiftly and efficiently rectify any roofing issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

When repairs are not sufficient and a new roof is necessary, we can provide comprehensive roof replacement services. We take care of every aspect, from removing the old roof to installing the new one. We conduct this service with the utmost care, ensuring a smooth transition that leaves your building with a new, durable roof that will stand the test of time.

In addition, preventive maintenance is another critical aspect of our services. Regular maintenance can significantly increase your roof’s lifespan, help you avoid severe damage, and save you a substantial amount of money in the long term.

We’re not just contractors; we’re your trusted roofing partners! Our ultimate goal is to ensure your building is safe and well-protected. Whether you need an inspection, repairs, or a complete replacement, we can help!

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If you’re a property owner looking for top-notch commercial roofing services in Truax, WI, the team at Roofing Monkey is here to help. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to discuss your needs. Let’s work together to maintain the longevity and integrity of your roof!

Protective Roof Coating – Hudson, WI

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If you are on the search for ways to extend the lifetime of your commercial roof, then you need to consider acquiring a long-lasting roof coating. Due to its range of benefits, a roof coating is frequently opted for by commercial building owners in the state of Wisconsin. Hence, if you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Hudson, WI, or the surrounding areas, you are in luck. The renowned roofers of Roofing Monkey excel at the installation of roof coatings. They have been tackling the roof restoration needs of the industrial building owners of Wisconsin for quite some time now. Feel free to call us any time at 715-716-6493 so that our seasoned roofers can get started on your roof!

Why is a Roof Coating Worth Your Investment?

Roof coatings boast a range of benefits for commercial building owners. To begin with, a roof coating can enhance the lifetime of your roof by at least a decade. Also, if you put a roof coating on your roof the right way, you will see a big drop in the costs of keeping it in good shape.

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Furthermore, given that a roof coating is reflective by nature, your business premises will remain at a lower temperature, causing a reduction in energy bills. There are an array of other advantages to a roof coating, given that it is carried out by top-rated roofers, like those at Roofing Monkey. For more details, just give us a call!

Long-Standing Roofing Materials

Due to our hefty expertise in dealing with a variety of roofing issues, we know that the different roofing materials can differ greatly from each other in terms of their quality. Thankfully, our skilled roofers know exactly the sort of roofing materials that are compatible with the needs of your roof, and you can rest assured that these materials will serve you for multiple decades!

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For the restoration of the roof of a commercial or industrial building, your best option is to opt for a roof coating. If you are based in Hudson, WI, the renowned roofers of Roofing Monkey are always on hand to provide you with an impeccable roof coating service. Reach out to them today at 715-716-6493!

Transform Your Building with a New Roof

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As an expert in the industry, the crew at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, understands the importance of a new roof, as well as the many benefits it can offer. We are your trusted roofing partner. We combine style and function in each service we provide, ensuring you and your building are protected. For all your roofing concerns, feel free to reach us at 715-716-6493!

Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

A new roof is not just about replacing old shingles; it’s a golden opportunity to improve your building’s visual appeal. Modern roofing materials offer a wide range of choices. Perhaps you like the timeless elegance of clay tiles, the classic appeal of asphalt shingles, or the sleek, modern lines of metal roofing. Each option presents a unique style, allowing you to express your personality and transform your building’s appearance.

How We Help

However, we recognize that aesthetics alone cannot define the choice of a new roof. The robust functionality of the chosen materials is paramount. Your roof must be able to resist various weather conditions, offer superior insulation, and ensure durability with minimal maintenance. With this understanding, our team pairs style with high-tech functionality, delivering roofing solutions that blend beautifully with your building and stand strong against the elements.

New Roof

Our expertise goes beyond simple installation services. We understand the architectural nuances that different buildings present, and we can recommend roofing materials that complement your structure’s architectural style. This includes considering local climate conditions and your personal preferences to provide a solution that meets your needs.

In essence, the journey of installing a new roof can transform your building, enhance its functionality, and guarantee efficiency. We strive to provide a roof that will protect you and your building for years to come. Come see for yourself why so many building owners in the region continue to choose us!

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To explore the many benefits that a new roof can offer you, reach out to the team at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI. Our crew is ready and eager to answer your questions and guide you through the process. With us, you’re guaranteed a roofing solution that perfectly combines style and functionality. We are your trusted partner! Call us today at 715-716-6493 to get started. We look forward to working with you.

Our Wide Range of Commercial Roofing Services

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Your roof is an essential part of your building, as it protects you and those inside from the elements. The team at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, is here to help. Our mission is to provide a wide range of high-quality commercial roofing services that protect your building and ensure smooth operations. Contact us today at 715-716-6493, and our experts will be ready to guide you through the process!


Our crew is your one-stop destination for all your roofing needs, from minor repairs to complete roof replacements. We understand the unique challenges that the weather in our area can pose, and we’re equipped to help your building stand the test of time. Our professionals are adept at identifying and addressing a wide range of roofing issues, whether it’s a small leak that needs immediate repairs or an older roof that might need a replacement.

Roof repairs form an essential part of our services. These are not just quick fixes, but preventive measures aimed at avoiding major damage in the future. With our keen attention to detail, we can spot early signs of damage, such as water stains, curling or missing shingles, and deteriorating flashing. Timely repairs can help you avoid expensive replacements and extensive damage to your building’s structure.


Commercial Roofing Services

When it comes to replacements, our services are designed to be thorough, hassle-free, and tailored to your specific needs. If your roof has reached its expected lifespan or has suffered severe damage, a replacement may be your only option. Our crew is here to guide you through the entire process, offering a range of durable and aesthetically appealing roofing materials that suit your budget and needs.

In addition, we provide regular maintenance services to extend the lifespan of your roof. A well-maintained roof not only looks good but also performs better, reducing the need for frequent repairs and the likelihood of a premature replacement.

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Here at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, we believe in comprehensive solutions that stand the test of time. Our team of skilled professionals, top-quality materials, and commitment to excellent service makes us stand out in the industry. Your roof is a significant investment, and our broad range of services is designed to protect it. To explore our services or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 715-716-6493! Let us help you protect your building.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Truax, WI

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As a building owner considering the many choices available for your commercial roofing needs, you might feel overwhelmed. However, there’s no need to worry! The experts at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, are here to guide you through the process. One of the most efficient and reliable options is standing seam metal roofing. To learn more about it, call us today at 715-716-6493!


Standing seam metal roofing has emerged as a leading choice for many building owners, and for good reason. To begin with, its durability is unmatched. Made from high-quality metal, this roofing type is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and resist deterioration over time. This means you will spend less time worrying about potential roof damage and more time focusing on what is important.

In addition to durability, the energy efficiency of standing seam metal roofing is another compelling factor. The reflective properties of metal significantly reduce heat absorption, resulting in a cooler interior temperature during the hot summer months. As a result, you will see a reduction in your energy bills, since your air conditioning system won’t be working as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Truax WI

Moreover, standing seam metal roofing offers a clean, modern aesthetic that can be customized to suit your building’s design. With a range of colors and finishes available, you can create a unique look that elevates your building’s visual appeal. In addition, its sleek design helps shed water efficiently, preventing potential leaks.

Additionally, this roofing type has low maintenance requirements. Unlike other roofing types that require regular upkeep, standing seam metal roofing needs minimal maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations.

Finally, though the initial investment may be higher than for other roofing types, the long-term cost savings of this roofing type, thanks to its durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, make it a sound financial decision. Standing seam metal roofing will help you save money and time in the long term.

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If you’re considering a new roof for your commercial building or need more information about standing seam metal roofing, the team at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, is ready to help. We are committed to helping property owners make informed decisions and protect their building. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to get started! We look forward to partnering with you.

New Metal Roofing – Truax, WI

As a property owner, you understand that choosing the right roofing material for your commercial building is crucial. You should not take this decision lightly. With so many options available, it’s important to choose wisely. Thankfully, the crew at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, can help. We can explain why new metal roofing might be the right choice for you. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to learn more!

Metal Roofing Benefits

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While metal roofing may represent a large upfront investment, it often proves to be incredibly cost-effective in the long term. The durability and resilience of metal roofs can result in reduced maintenance costs and a longer lifespan than other roofing materials. Since most metal roofs last up to 50 years, you can avoid or delay the need for a replacement, thereby offering a high return on investment.

Metal roofs also offer excellent energy efficiency. During the summer, metal roofs can reflect the sun’s heat, helping keep your building cooler and reducing the strain on your air conditioning system. In the colder months, a well-insulated metal roof can help retain heat, keeping your property warm and reducing heating costs.

In addition, metal roofs are environmentally friendly. They are typically made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled at the end of their lifespan. This factor makes them an excellent choice for businesses who prioritize sustainability.

New Metal Roofing Truax WI

Furthermore, metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing for customization that can enhance the overall style and aesthetic appeal of your commercial building. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek look or a more traditional style, a metal roof could be the right answer for you.

The great fire resistance that metal roofs provide is another essential benefit. As a non-combustible roofing material, metal can offer increased safety for your commercial building. Some insurance companies might even offer lower premiums.

While there are many benefits to metal roofing, it’s crucial to remember that the quality of installation is equally important. Partnering with our experienced professionals with years of industry experience will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. With expert installation services and proper maintenance, a new metal roof can offer excellent value and longevity.

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If you’re considering a metal roof for your commercial building in Truax, WI, don’t wait! The team at Roofing Monkey is ready to help. We are committed to providing quality roofing solutions that meet your unique needs. Partner with us today by calling us at 715-716-6493!

Determining Whether a Reroof Project is Right For You

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Your roof is a critical barrier that protects your building from adverse weather conditions and outside elements while keeping those inside safe and sound. Therefore, when your roof starts showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider all possible solutions. One effective and increasingly popular option among building owners is a reroof project. The team at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your situation. Call us today at 715-716-6493 for personalized advice!


Reroofing involves adding a new layer of shingles on top of the existing layer, providing a fresh appearance and enhanced protection without the cost and complexity of a complete replacement. However, the suitability of this process depends on a few key factors.

Factors to Consider

First, you must consider the current condition of your roof. Reroofing is most effective for roofs that have minor issues, such as a few missing or damaged shingles. If your roof has major problems, like widespread rot or structural damage, a complete replacement might be a more viable solution.

Reroof Project

Next, keep in mind that building codes in many areas only allow up to two layers of roofing. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, reroofing is not an option; the old shingles will need to be removed before a new roof can be installed.

Additionally, the type of roof you have can affect the success of the project. This service is generally more effective on roofs with relatively flat surfaces. Roofs with a steeper slope or a more complicated or intricate design with many details may not be the most ideal.

You also need to consider the long-term financial benefits of reroofing. Not only is the initial cost lower than a complete replacement,but it also adds value to your property. The process can significantly enhance your property’s visual appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Reroofing can also prolong the lifespan of your roof by adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. This could help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Even though a reroof job might not last as long as a complete replacement, it offers a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for minor damage, ensuring your building remains protected for years to come.

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Here at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, we’re committed to providing the best possible solutions for all our clients’ needs. Our team of professionals is here to help assess your roof’s condition and recommend the best course of action. To get started, call us today at 715-716-6493!

Commercial Roofing Companies – Eau Claire, WI

This is a time-consuming and exhausting job if you don’t have the essential skills and expertise. For both big and minor repairs, a commercial roofing companies services are well worth the investment. In the long term, even minor roof repairs can have a negative impact on your roof’s lifespan, so it’s best to avoid them. Minor repairs can be handled correctly by a commercial roofer with experience in this field. An attractive and long-lasting roof will result as a result of this procedure. If you are from Eau Claire, WI, and need more information, then get in touch with Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493.

Advantages of Working with Commercial Roofing Companies

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Consider the number of years of experience when looking for a business roofer. A minimum of five years of expertise in the roofing industry is required for the greatest roofer. Having a lot of experience in a particular field goes hand-in-hand with having a good name. An expert roofing company is well-versed in the installation, maintenance, and repair of many types of roofs. Even commercial roofers have begun utilizing web marketing tactics in recent years. Because of this, it is essential to conduct thorough research on a particular roofing company. Invest in a commercial roofing company with a good reputation and many satisfied customers’ testimonials. Roofing experts will go to great lengths to ensure that your needs and desires are met. Additionally, these experts adhere to a strict schedule in order to save you valuable time.

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High-quality roofing materials will be provided to you by experienced roofing experts. The durability of your commercial building is enhanced by using high-quality roofing materials for both maintenance and installation. Only top-quality materials and advice from a seasoned commercial roofer can ensure a long-lasting roof. When it comes to roofing, it can be difficult to tell the difference between high-quality roofing materials and subpar roofing materials if you are doing it yourself. Professional roofers can also assist you in obtaining wholesale prices on high-quality roofing materials. Purchasing roofing supplies on sale can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re building a large or diverse portfolio of commercial properties.

You may want to look into hiring a roofing company that provides a warranty on their work and the roofing materials they used. Because of the great quality of their work, a professional roofer will provide a warranty. For additional peace of mind, customers can rest easy knowing that any repairs needed during the guarantee period will be done at no cost to them. A complete inspection by experienced roofers can ensure that your roof is properly installed or repaired. If you are from Eau Claire, WI, and need more information, then get in touch with Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493.

Role of Commercial Roofing Companies

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As a property owner, you are responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of your building. In this endeavor, commercial roofing companies are crucial to protecting your roof. Thankfully, the team at Roofing Monkey in Truax, WI, is committed to our clients. To ensure your property’s longevity, it is vital to partner with a proficient roofing company, as we can help protect your building and ensure it lasts as long as possible. To learn more, call us today at 715-716-6493!

Importance of Your Roof

The importance of your commercial roof cannot be overstated. After all, it shields your property from environmental factors, provides insulation, and significantly impacts your building’s energy efficiency. A neglected roof can lead to severe consequences, including substantial repair costs, compromised safety, and even a disruption to your daily activities.

We understand the importance of your roof. This knowledge forms the foundation of our approach towards our services, including installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We have extensive experience with a wide array of roofing materials and technologies, so we can provide the solutions you need. This is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Commercial Roofing Companies

Moreover, regular inspections and timely maintenance is crucial to protect your building. A regular roof inspection schedule ensures early detection of issues such as leaks, ponding water, blistering, or membrane shrinkage. With our professional help, these problems can be solved quickly, allowing you to avoid major disruptions and unexpected costs.

Other services our team offers are roof replacements and restorations. These are large projects, which require strategic planning, budgeting, and execution, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. As a leading commercial roofing company, our crew excels in coordinating these large-scale projects. We strive for efficiency and timeliness without compromising on quality, ensuring your property is always equipped with a sturdy and durable roof.

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Clearly, commercial roofing companies play an integral part in protecting your building. They ensure the longevity of your property, increase its value, and contribute to the safety of its occupants. If you are a building owner in Truax, WI, the team at Roofing Monkey is your reliable partner. We can make all the difference in effectively maintaining the structural soundness and value of your property. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction shows why we are your ideal partner. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to get started!

Roof Replacement – Truax, WI

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As a building owner, the decision to replace your roof can be one of the most significant investments you’ll make. Recognizing the need for clear understanding of the cost and savings involved, Roofing Monkey, your trusted partner in roofing services in Truax, WI, is here to guide you through the roof replacement process. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to schedule your consultation!


The cost of a roof replacement can vary based on numerous factors, including the size and pitch of your roof, the materials chosen, and the details of the installation process. It’s essential to request a detailed, honest estimate from your roofing contractor. This estimate should cover all aspects of the project, from the removal of your existing roof to the installation of the new one, as well as contingencies for unexpected complications.


Though the initial cost may seem high, it’s important to look at the bigger picture and consider the benefits of a roof replacement. For instance, a newly replaced roof considerably boosts the resale value of your property. It’s estimated that building owners can regain up to 70% of their roof replacement costs when they sell their property.

Roof Replacement Truax WI

Moreover, an energy-efficient roof can lower your energy bills. Older, worn-out roofs can contribute to heat loss during winter and overheat during summer, leading to increased energy consumption. A roof replacement can improve your building’s insulation and energy efficiency, helping to reduce these costs.

In addition, by replacing your roof, you can avoid frequent and expensive repairs that older roofs often require. Newly installed roofs come with warranties, offering additional financial security and great peace of mind.

Finally, upgrading your roof with high-quality, impact-resistant materials could lead to savings on your insurance costs, as it reduces the risk of extreme weather damage.

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As a committed provider of top-notch roofing services in Truax, WI, the team at Roofing Monkey is dedicated to helping building owners navigate the process of replacing their roof. We understand this may seem daunting, but we are by your side! Our skilled team will guide you from start to finish and assist you in selecting the best roofing materials and installation techniques for your situation, ensuring maximum return on your investment. Give us a call today at 715-716-6493 to start planning your project! Let us give you a high-quality roof that will protect you and your building for years.