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Importance Of Commercial Roofing Companies

When going over the list of commercial and industrial roofing contractors in Lakeland, WI, you will encounter a lot of companies offering you the service you need. However, to be able to determine the best one for you requires you to have a deep understanding of the construction industry. Amongst the most significant elements, you […]

Commercial Roofing Services – Lakeland, WI

Contact Roofing Monkey if you need a new roof, a roof replacement, or roofing repairs in Lakeland, WI. Your commercial building can benefit from our expert roofing services. Roofing Monkey provides an extensive selection of roofing services and materials. Feel free to reach out to us at 715-716-6493! NEW ROOF Looking for a reliable roofing […]

Are You Looking For A Commercial Roofing Contractor For Your Next Roofing Project?

Spotting a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor in Lakeland, WI can often be a tiring task, especially given the range of available options. Normally, whenever you are looking for a list of roofing contractors, you need to focus on the concerned contractor’s customer reviews. Luckily for you, customer satisfaction is one of the governing aspects, which […]

Roof Inspection – Lakeland, WI

Do you own a commercial or industrial building? If so, you would obviously want a return on the heavy money you made in having its roof installed. However, for your investment to pay off, you need to make sure that your roof gets the appropriate maintenance services throughout the entirety of its life. When it […]

Roof Coating – Lakeland, WI

As a commercial building owner, if you are on the lookout for ways to increase the lifetime of your current roof, then a roof coating is without a doubt, one of your lead choices. Roofing Monkey is home to the finest roof coating technicians in Wisconsin when it comes to the application of immaculate roof […]

Benefits Of Flat Roof Repair

A commercial flat roof is supposed to last for many long decades. Nonetheless, if it is to remain fully functional during this time, you must have durable repairs and other related roofing services conducted on it. Roofing Monkey is familiar with all the needs of your flat roof, which makes it your number-one choice for […]

Commercial Roofing Companies – Lakeland, WI

There are numerous commercial roofing companies in Lakeland, WI that can provide you with the roofing service(s) you require. However, when it comes to choosing the best company for your needs, you need to have a deep understanding of the construction industry. Amongst the most important aspects that you need to look out for is […]

New Metal Roofing – Lakeland, WI

As a commercial building owner, you must pick your roofing material with care because it will have a considerable impact on the cost, aesthetics, functionality, upkeep, and durability of your new roof. When it comes to commercial roofing types, there is no shortage of options. Amongst these options, one of the most regarded is metal […]

Shingles – Lakeland, WI

Are you in need of shingles for the roof of your commercial building? Well, there is no better option than Roofing Monkey because our team is ready to offer all types of shingle roofing solutions to the industrial building owners of Lakeland, WI. In your hour of need, we will be ready to serve you […]

Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Lakeland, WI

As it may be apparent from its name, standing seam metal roofing consists of vertical legs and a vast, flat region in between, with all of the fasteners hidden from view. This type of roofing is normally suited to architectural or commercial structures due to its containing higher-quality materials. If you are a commercial building […]