Rubber Roof Repair – Marshfield, WI


No matter what kind of roof you have keeping your commercial building safe, you can put your trust in the team at Roofing Monkey to be sure your roof gets the care it deserves so that your roof can keep shielding your building. We bring building owners and property managers in the Marshfield, WI community a full list of commercial roofing services and solutions that will let them know they are going to be protected year long. From our roof coating solutions to our rubber roof repair services, we’ve got you covered for what your roof needs and we will be sure your roof will last all season long. Your roof was made to last you for a long time and when you have the team at Roofing Monkey maintaining it, you will have a roof that will last you for that long time you got it for. For affordable and dependable commercial roofing services throughout the great state of Wisconsin, contact us today at (715) 716-6493.

Rubber Roof Repair Services


With the team at Roofing Monkey dealing with your commercial roofing needs, your rubber roof roof will be in the best possible hands. We are utilize commercial roofing products that are high in quality and products that have withstood the test of time. With our roofers amazing workmanship and our extremely high quality products, your roof is destined to be successful and that is what we aim to do for each roof we operate on. With high quality roofing products, you can sleep easily when you choose to hire the team at Roofing Monkey.

Complete Coverage

With Roofing Monkey, you won’t need to stress about being recommended to a different commercial roofing company. Our team has the capability to deal with all types and sizes of commercial roofing systems and we will make sure yours get the individualized attention it deserves. Our list of services has exactly what you need to get your roof back on track. You can call the team at Roofing Monkey at (715) 716-6493 if you have any questions and our team will help you get the answer.

Shingle Roof Repair – Menomonie, WI

Roofing Monkey delivers exceptional solutions for shingle roof systems in the Menomonie, WI area. If your home needs shingle roof repair, our roofing specialists are always available for impeccable roof solutions. For a roof inspection from our experienced roofing specialists, call us at 715-716-6493.

Finding Roof Leaks

The roofers at Roofing Monkey have made a living by locating tough-to-find roof issues and providing comprehensive solutions. Finding the source of a roof leak can be a challenging task, but it is one that our experts are always up for. After inspecting your roof, we can determine the best solution for many more years of watertight protection.

Shingle Roof Professionals

Shingle roofs are commonly used to protect homes in the state of Wisconsin. Roofing Monkey is a local roofing company with roofing specialists who have been working on shingle roof systems for many years. Our professionals know what it takes to ensure that a shingle roof system receives the services it needs in order for our clients to get the most out of it.

Shingle Roof Repair Experts

For a decent shingle roof repair, you need roofing specialists who respond quickly and know what to look for. With Roofing Monkey, our shingle roof repairs are fast, effective, and flawless. Our experienced roofers have allowed our company’s reputation to grow into what it is today. No matter what your home’s shingle roof has going on, we can help!

Other Services

On top of repairs, Roofing Monkey offers shingle roof replacements, custom maintenance plans, and roof inspections. As a full-service roofing company, we have the resources and expertise to provide any needed solution. We’re in the business of responding quickly and providing whatever is required for our loyal clients!

Quality Materials

Different roofing companies use different kinds of roofing materials. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of roofing materials are top quality. We’ve been in this business long and know what materials can be counted on for long-term protection. Our use of top-quality materials and our high-level craftsmanship make us one of the most dependable options in the state!

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Homeowners in the Menomonie, WI area are in good hands when they choose Roofing Monkey to keep tabs on their home’s roof systems. For a shingle roof repair from our craftsmen, contact us at 715-716-6493. We’ll leave your roof leak-free and ready to last for many years longer.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair – Menomonie, WI

For a company that will help with commercial metal roof repair and so much more, choose Roofing Monkey. We have an excellent reputation in the Menomonie, WI, area and will continue to impress clients when it comes to craftsmanship, prices, and customer support. For a quality commercial metal roof repair, call us at 715-716-6493.

Roof Inspection

Before a commercial metal roof repair can be done, the exact cause(s) of any issue must be located. For this, a thorough roof inspection is needed. At Roofing Monkey, our inspections lead to comprehensive and long-lasting solutions!

Experience Craftsmen

At Roofing Monkey, our roofing specialists have dealt with many roof issues over the years with great success! We feel there is no roof issue that we can’t resolve. Whatever your roof has going on, we’ll find the root cause and address it.

An Effective Metal Roof Repair

Keeping up with repairs, inspections, and maintenance is essential for any roof. A metal roof is even more valuable than other materials, so it adds another level of prioritizing top-quality roofing services to keep it intact. For a roofing company that can help with any type of metal roof solution, call Roofing Monkey to schedule an inspection!

About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have only become more common as the years go on. These roofs are made to last a lifetime, and with the right company installing and maintaining your building’s metal roof, you can get a great deal of value out of your investment in one. To ensure your metal roof is taken care of correctly, choose the skilled roofing specialists at Roofing Monkey!

Fast Response Times

A roof leak can quickly make for costly issues. To avoid damage from spreading, finding a reputable roofing company that can respond quickly to address these issues is a priority. Roofing Monkey always provides fast response time for business owners in Wisconsin!

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A metal roof is a big investment that warrants care and attention to get the most out of it. This is why finding a dependable company should be a priority when your building needs commercial metal roof repair. Business owners in the Menomonie, WI, area count on the experienced roofing specialists at Roofing Monkey for timely and effective solutions. To start with an inspection, call us at 715-716-6493.

Shingle Roof Replacement – Menomonie, WI

Shingle Roof Replacement1

The right roofing company will have your home’s new shingle roof installed in a way that makes it look friendly and last a long time! For exceptional shingle roof replacement services, those who live in the Menomonie, WI, area have Roofing Monkey at the ready! Our talented roofing specialists will set your home up with a shingle roof that will last decades. For an estimate on a new roof, call us at 715-716-6493.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

For your roof to live up to its full potential, it must be installed correctly to begin with. An excellent roof is equal parts quality installation and superior materials. With the exceptional craftsmanship of the roofing specialists at Roofing Monkey, your home will be in good shape with complete protection from above! Our roofing specialists’ dedication, experience, and talent have made us one of the best roofing companies around!

Shingle Roof Replacement Experts

Shingle Roof Replacement

Roofing Monkey has been setting up homeowners in Wisconsin with durable and great-looking shingle roof systems for many years! Our roofers have decades of experience working with shingles of all different types and styles.

A Free Estimate

Many homeowners are concerned with the cost of getting a new roof. Although the materials and labor costs can add up, a roof is an vital asset, and it’s best to choose a company that will get it done right the first time so that you won’t need to spend money on your roof again for a long time. Although Roofing Monkey offers the very best services, our prices remain competitive! After we take a look at your roof, we’ll be able to provide a free estimate on your home’s new shingle roof installation project. We take all measures to ensure that the cost of a shingle roof project is within your budget.

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Without a doubt, Roofing Monkey is one of the leading roofing companies available to residents of Menomonie, WI. When it comes to an important roofing project like a new shingle roof installation, you’ll be happy to have chosen our seasoned roofing specialists. Our craftsmen always strive for perfection and continue to set clients up with long-lasting roofs. For an initial roof inspection, call us at 715-716-6493.

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement – Menomonie, WI

Need a new metal roof for your building? Commercial metal roof replacement is no small task, but the team at Roofing Monkey makes this process as easy and stress-free as possible for business owners in the Menomonie, WI, area. To get a quote on a new commercial metal roof installation, start by calling our team at 715-716-6493.

Experienced In Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

Metal Roof Replacement1

There is no room for error when it comes to installing a new roof. A metal roof is even more important to get right since the materials of these roofs cost more but can hold up for decades when installed correctly. This is why choosing a roofing company with roofers who have many years of experience in commercial metal roof installation is crucial. At Roofing Monkey, our craftsmen have been installing long-lasting metal roof systems for a long time!

Metal Roof Restoration

To get even more value out of a metal roof, you can have it restored. The professionals at Roofing Monkey also provide metal roof restoration services that will help improve its condition and leave it lasting many years longer. Plus, restoring a metal roof prevents potentially costly leaks and also helps lower utility costs!

Timely Project Completion

Metal Roof Replacement

Having a new metal roof installed is a big project, but that doesn’t mean it needs to drag on and on. At Roofing Monkey, our craftsmen work efficiently to complete projects within the anticipated timeframe. This helps our clients get back to running their business per usual without the distraction of onsite construction even sooner.

Top Quality Materials

There is a lot that goes into determining how long a roof lasts. The type of roof you choose and the quality of the roofers who are hired to install it are two of the big factors involved. Additionally, the choice of materials can make a big difference. At Roofing Monkey, we only use roofing materials from trusted manufacturers. Add it all up, and you can see how we consistently set our clients up with long-lasting commercial roof systems!

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For commercial metal roof installation from roofing specialists that you can depend on, look to the experienced team at Roofing Monkey! Our company is the leading option for business owners in the Menomonie, WI area. What we do is provide first-class roofing services at phenomenal prices. If you are interested in our services, you can reach us at 715-716-6493.

Commercial Roofing Companies – La Crosse, WI


Roofing companies aren’t a hard thing to come by if you’re in La Crosse, WI or the surrounding areas, but if you’re looking for reliable commercial roofing companies to properly handle your commercial roof, it’s crucial to ensure you’re hiring a true commercial roofing professional. Commercial roofing systems are unique, and they require far different solutions than residential roofing systems, especially because the majority of commercial and industrial roofs are flat or low slope roofs. Roofing Monkey has the roofing professionals you need to ensure you can continue to get a long, successful life from your roof and investment. We’re here to be your go-to for all things involved with commercial roofing, reach out to us anytime at (715) 716 – 6493.

Quality Commercial Roofing Companies


Because commercial roofing systems are so different than residential roofs, hiring the right team to inspect and assess your roof is essential to ensure the team you’re hiring knows exactly what to look for. Roofing Monkey has a team full of roofing professionals that are trained in all areas and aspects of commercial roofing and you can rest easy knowing no issues will go unfound when we’re inspecting your building’s roof. Schedule an inspection with our professionals today and know your roof is once again fit to last!

After we inspect your roof, you’ll receive a detailed report with our findings. We’ll make sure you know of anything requiring immediate attention as well as anything that should be addressed soon down the road. Being proactive about the needs of your roof is a simple and affordable way to keep your roofing costs low and consistent and that continues to be our goal here at Roofing Monkey.

Call Today

Work with one of the leading commercial roofing companies in the La Crosse, WI area and let Roofing Monkey take on the needs of your commercial roof. With a complete list of roofing services and solutions at fair prices, you can count on our team to handle anything your roof might need with ease. From repairs and maintenance to restorations and replacements, we do it all and we’re here to help you and your roof! Give us a call today at (715) 716 – 6493.

Flawless Shingle Roof Installation

Shingle Roof Installation1

For experts in shingle roof installation, homeowners in the Menomonie, WI, area have the team at Roofing Monkey to turn to for flawless services! We’ll have your home protected by a beautiful and watertight roof system for decades. For an estimate on a new shingle roof system, get in touch with our team of experienced roofing specialists at 715-716-6493

Get An Estimate

Roofing Monkey delivers first-rate roofing services at low prices for homeowners in Wisconsin. When you need professionals for shingle roof installation, look to our craftsmen for the best results. We’ll leave your home in great shape with a roof that will last —call us for an estimate on a new roof!

About Our Company

Roofing Monkey is one of the leading options in the state of Wisconsin for anyone in need of shingle roof experts. If you dive into our track record, you’ll find hundreds of satisfied clients and a lot of long-lasting roof systems thanks to the craftsmanship ability of our team! Roofing Monkey helps with new roof installation, repairs, inspections, and more!

Flawless Shingle Roof installation

Shingle Roof Installation

For assistance with top-quality shingle roof installation, there is no better choice than the team at Roofing Monkey. Our roofers have been working with shingle roof systems for a long time and continue to show that they are great at providing perfect installation services so that roof issues are avoided for a very long time!

Save Big On Your Home!

A new roof requires a lot of new materials and a decent amount of labor. This can bring prices up high. Comparing estimates from different companies is a good way to ensure you get a decent deal. However, the top priority should be to hire a roofing company that will get the project done right. For flawless new roof installation and any other type of roofing service, contact the professionals at Roofing Monkey. Our combination of great prices and flawless craftsmanship makes our team difficult to compete with!

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Roofing Monkey holds a phenomenal reputation in the Menomonie, WI area. Our team handles many different types of residential roofing services, which include shingle roof installation. With our roofing specialists installing your new shingle roof, you won’t have to worry about leaks and other issues for a long time. To learn more, you can reach us at 715-716-6493.

Commercial Metal Roof Installation From Reputable Roofers!

Commercial Metal Roof Installation1

A metal roof is a valuable asset that can remain in solid condition for far longer with the right company handling the installation, repairs, and restoration. For an estimate on commercial metal roof installation, you can get in contact with the professionals at Roofing Monkey today at 715-716-6493. Our company offers both excellent prices and first-rate craftsmanship!

Why Choose A Metal Roof?

There are lots of reasons that lead commercial building owners to opt for a metal roof. It could be because of the beautiful aesthetic properties that a metal roof offers. It could be because metal roofs will last more time than other roofs. It could be because a metal roof helps lower a commercial building’s utility costs. Or, it’s a combination of all of these things! To ensure you get what you pay for and then some, just let Roofing Monkey handle the new installation!

Commercial Metal Roof Installation Experts

Commercial Metal Roof Installation

At Roofing Monkey, our team has been installing commercial roof systems for a long time. This includes metal roofs. Our commercial metal roof installation experts will have your new roof off on the right foot with flawless installation. This will ensure you get the most out of your investment in a metal roof!

Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roofs hold up for a lot longer and perform better when restored with roof coatings. The metal roof coatings provided by the professionals at Roofing Monkey will leave your metal roof as good as new again. If you want to see if a roof coating is a solid option for your commercial building’s metal roof, call us for an estimate!

Timely Project Completion

If you are running a business, it’s normal to want to know how long a construction project will take. After all, having work done on a commercial building can disrupt the day-to-day operations. When you choose Roofing Monkey, you can count on our efficient roofing specialists to accurately estimate the duration of a project and deliver!

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Commercial metal roof installation from the experts at Roofing Monkey will pay off in a big way. If your home is in the Menomonie, WI area and needs a new metal roof, our roofing specialists are highly qualified for the project! We’ll install your new metal roof the right way to leave your home well-protected for decades. To get an estimate on commercial metal roof installation, give us a ring at 715-716-6493.

Roof Inspection – Colfax, WI

Roof Inspection1

A well-timed roof inspection can prevent a commercial roof’s condition from deteriorating. Regular roof inspections from the seasoned craftsmen at Roofing Monkey will keep your roof’s defenses up at all times. A roof inspection is about locating existing and developing roof issues so that they can be addressed with effective solutions before they worsen. To set up a roof inspection, business owners in the Colfax, WI, area can reach us at 715-716-6493.

Roofing Monkey For A Roof Inspection

The roofers at Roofing Monkey have been in the commercial roofing industry for years and have acquired valuable experience and insights about dealing with all sorts of roofing problems. This is one of the reasons why our team is well-suited to handle your commercial building’s roof inspections. With our experienced team inspecting your roof on a regular basis, problems will be located and resolved before they worsen!

Roof Coatings

Roof Inspection

Roof restoration is a standard solution that we use here at Roofing Monkey. Restoring a roof is made easy with roof coatings. These roof coatings are applied via a spray gun to ensure even and seamless protection. Setting up a roof inspection from our professionals will lead to the optimal solution for your roof. A roof coating prevents leaks, improves the energy efficiency of a building, and extends a roof’s lifespan.

About Our Company

At Roofing Monkey, we work hard to ensure that our clients receive roofing services of the finest quality. Some ways that we set ourselves apart include fast response times, exceptional craftsmanship, and competitive prices. We also offer a myriad of commercial roofing services, adding convenience for our clients since they can call us whenever their roof needs something, no matter what that is!

Single-Ply Roofing

At Roofing Monkey, we take on many different sorts of projects. This includes single-ply roofing, which is a type of roof that is commonly used for commercial buildings. There are different types of materials used that are considered single-ply roofing, including rubber roofing, TPO, and more!

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Roofing Monkey is not your everyday roofing company. Instead, we separate ourselves from other commercial roofing companies by being solid throughout. Whether it’s craftsmanship, customer support, or response times, our experienced roofing specialists always give it their best. For a roof inspection in the Colfax, WI area, call us at 715-716-6493.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Colfax, WI

Commercial Roofing Contractor1

A commercial roofing contractor can change the way that your business is protected for decades. A more reliable commercial roof system helps business owners focus on their daily tasks rather than the stress and distractions of a leaky roof system. Roofing Monkey is the lead choice when a commercial roofing contractor is needed in the Colfax, WI area. For expert roofing specialists, call our team at 715-716-6493.

Thorough Roof Inspections

The craftsmen at Roofing Monkey know how crucial roof inspections are in order to keep a roof intact for as long as possible. For a thorough roof inspection from qualified professionals, you can connect with our experts to schedule a roof inspection, and we will soon arrive at your location to analyze your roof and plot out the optimal solution.

An Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor

It takes a lot of time in the commercial roofing industry to hone the craft. Commercial roofs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. At Roofing Monkey, our professionals have seen it all and continue to achieve excellent results no matter the type of project.

Safety Compliant

Commercial Roofing Contractor

We ensure that our team consistently adheres to industry safety standards to protect everyone and everything under your roof. With our safety-compliant team, clients can have more peace of mind knowing we are operating correctly. Roofing can be dangerous, so hiring a safety-compliant team helps mitigate the risk!

A Full-Service Roofing Company

There is no doubt that Roofing Monkey helps make it more convenient for business owners by offering a whole range of commercial roofing services. For anything from a repair to a roof replacement, all you need is our number. Our skilled craftsmen continue to raise the bar for other contractors in the area! We approach each project with focus and dedication, leaving no stone unturned to ensure our clients and their properties are better protected.

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A commercial roofing contractor with experience and an excellent track record is not necessarily easy to come by. However, business owners in the Colfax, WI area are in luck with Roofing Monkey! Our craftsmen will deliver exceptional roofing solutions for your commercial property. To set up a roof inspection, call us at 715-716-6493.