Commercial Metal Roof Repair Tips so That Your Business Keeps on running smoothly and uninterrupted

Commercial Metal Roof Repair1

Roofing Monkey in Spring Valley, WI understands the value of keeping your business running smoothly, and a well-maintained metal roof is essential for that. In this guide, we present crucial suggestions for commercial metal roof repair, ensuring that your operations continue uninterrupted. Call 715-716-6493 for experienced roofing services; we’re here to protect your business.

When it comes to commercial metal roof repairs, quick remedies can never be enough. Your property deserves long-term solutions that can withstand the test of time. So here are some of the best metal roof repair techniques that expert roofers follow to make sure that your metal roof lasts decades.

Professional inspections: Schedule regular inspections with a reputable metal roofing contractor such as those here at Roofing Monkey. They can spot small problems before they become big, expensive issues. Early detection of rust, water damage, or loose parts can help avoid costly repairs down the road.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Seal and protect: Your roofing contractor can also apply a protective sealant, like silicone or acrylic caulk, around joints, seams, flashings, and the base of vents or skylights. This creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture and protects vulnerable areas. Sealant reapplications should happen every few years to maintain protection.

Rust removal: If rust has already formed, have it properly removed. Grinding, sanding, and scrubbing are common methods for eliminating rust. Then we will treat the area to prevent the rust from returning. Without rust removal, it will continue to spread and damage the metal.

Re-painting: A fresh coat of paint, especially a rust-preventing primer followed by two coats of acrylic latex paint, can do wonders for metal roof protection and appearance. This is an affordable solution that provides protection for many years when done properly. Be sure to clean and prepare the surface beforehand for the best adhesion.

Panel replacement: Severely dented, rusted, or damaged panels should be replaced. Your roofing company will remove any surrounding sealant, fasteners, or trim pieces to access the full panel. They will also install a new panel of the same material, gauge, and design to maintain roof integrity and prevent leaks. If you choose us, we will always re-seal and protect the new panel to keep your roof in top shape.

Following these long-term solutions for commercial metal roof repairs will ensure your business has a secure, weather-tight roof for years to come. By taking a proactive approach with professional inspections, rust prevention, protective sealants, and necessary repairs or replacements, your metal roof will continue serving your company well into the future. So, what are you waiting for? If your commercial metal roof needs repairs in Spring Valley, WI, then simply call 715-716-6493 and we will be here to save you from your roofing troubles in no time.

New Metal Roofing – Hudson, Wisconsin

Tired of fixing roofs and leaks? For a long-lasting solution, get new metal roofing in Hudson, Wisconsin. We at Roofing Monkey understand how crucial a reliable roof is for your house or business. We provide high-quality metal roofing services to keep your property safe for years. Contact us at 715-716-6493 to speak to our experienced roofers.

Installing New Metal Roof

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Metal roof installation requires careful planning and design. This phase comprises evaluating the roof structure, roof size, pitch, and local environment to determine the optimum metal roofing material. Steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc each have different durability, economic, and aesthetic benefits. The roof’s performance and appearance can be improved with coatings and treatments.

After planning, prepare. If the previous roof can’t be covered by metal, it may be removed. The roof deck is inspected and rebuilt to create a sturdy base for the new metal roof. This phase fixes structural faults to prolong the roof’s life.

After preparation, installation begins. The roof deck is first covered with a waterproof underlayment to prevent water infiltration. Leak prevention and metal roof durability depend on this underlayment. After installing the underlayment, standing seam or exposed fastener metal roofing panels are installed.

Flashing and trim seal roof joints, edges, and transitions and finish the roof. Flashing around chimneys, vents, and valleys is crucial since water can quickly enter if not sealed. Trim pieces add elegance and weather protection to the roof.

Sealing seams, applying protective coatings, and inspecting for proper installation are the final steps. To minimize damage and maximize performance, the new metal roof needs frequent inspections, debris cleaning, and fast repairs.


New Metal Roofing

Many factors determine the cost of installing a new metal roofing system. Roof metal type is important. Copper roofing is the most expensive due to its high quality and longevity, whereas steel and aluminum are cheaper. Roof size and intricacy also matter. Larger roofs cost more due to the materials and labor needed, unlike gable roofs. Complex roofs with different slopes, dormers, or complicated architectural elements may cost more to install.

Labor expenses are another major factor in metal roofing projects. The contractor’s experience, regional labor rates, and roof accessibility affect these expenses. Contractors with better skill levels or living costs may charge more. Underlayment, flashing, fasteners, and trim elements can also increase costs. Metal roof installation and performance depend on these accessories. Finishes and coatings for metal roofing systems can also affect cost. Certain finishes can improve durability, energy efficiency, or aesthetics, but they cost more.

New metal roof prices depend on local building requirements and restrictions. Permit expenses, compliance requirements, and local regulations might affect project budgets. Finally, evaluate the manufacturer or installer warranty. Longer and more comprehensive warranties may cost more upfront but offer peace of mind and savings on repairs and replacements. Consult with numerous trustworthy roofing companies to get a customized estimate. They can evaluate your roof’s unique qualities, discuss possibilities, and provide full cost breakdowns based on the above considerations to assist you choose metal roofing.

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Are you ready for new metal roofing in Hudson, Wisconsin? To set up a meeting, call Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493. Our skilled professionals will look at your roofing needs and come up with custom solutions that fit your budget and tastes.

Commercial Roofing Companies – Hudson, Wisconsin

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Roofing Monkey emerges as the top choice for all of your roofing needs in Hudson, Wisconsin. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a sturdy and trustworthy roof, especially for businesses. Consequently, it’s critical to make an informed choice while sifting through the top commercial roofing companies. We’ll walk you through all the important factors and procedures in this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best commercial roofing company that meets your needs exactly and safeguards your investment. Contact us at 715-716-6493 to learn more about our services.

The Best Commercial Roofing Companies Have These Attributes

Knowledge and Skill: A superior commercial roofing company’s depth of knowledge and experience form its foundation. Seek for organizations like Roofing Monkey that have a stellar track record and a group of knowledgeable experts who understand the subtleties of commercial roofing.

Credentials and qualifications: The best commercial roofing companies have the necessary qualifications and are fully licensed. These certifications attest to their compliance with industry standards and best practices, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Commercial Roofing Companies

Customer Testimonials: It is important to recognize the value of customer reviews and testimonials. They provide insightful information on the standing and caliber of a business’s offerings. Take the time to go over reviews and ask for references.

Materials of Excellence: To ensure the durability and strength of your business roof, the top firms place a high priority on outstanding materials. Find all about the materials they use and their reliable suppliers.

Safety First: Keeping people safe should always come first. Look at their insurance coverage, safety procedures, and steadfast dedication to creating a safe working environment. A conscientious organization puts the well-being of its employees and customers first.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofing Company After Conducting Extensive Research:

Start your mission with a thorough investigation. Make a shortlist of prospective roofing businesses in Hudson, Wisconsin based on their credentials and client endorsements.

Consultation Phase: Make contact with the businesses you have shortlisted to arrange a consultation. This stage gives you the chance to consider your roofing requirements and evaluate the promptness and professionalism of each.

Interrogative Method: Don’t hesitate to ask about their background, credentials, insurance, and previous projects. Reputable businesses will give honest answers.

Multiple Quotes: Get quotes from different businesses so that you may compare costs and services. Remember that the best value may not always be indicated by the lowest price.

Verify references: Reach out to the references listed by the businesses to obtain firsthand comments from former customers.

Contract Examination: Carefully review the terms, warranties, and any underlying clauses in the contract before making your final decision.

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Selecting a commercial roofing company for your Hudson, Wisconsin business requires careful consideration and effort due to the abundance of options. Roofing Monkey stands out as a model among the various commercial roofing companies in Hudson, because of its flawless reputation and uncompromising dedication to quality.

Get in touch with us at 715-716-6493 right now to discuss your needs for commercial roofing and see for yourself the quality and dependability that sets us apart. Nothing less than the best will do for your commercial property, and Roofing Monkey definitely lives up to that expectation.

Everything About Reroof

If you live in the Hudson, Wisconsin area and need a roofing company that can do a perfect reroof job, check out Roofing Monkey. When our skilled roofers replace the roof on your house, it will be safer for many years to come. Call our team at 715-716-6493 to get a price on reroof services from one of our qualified roofers.

On-time Completion of the Project

If you need a roof, why wait weeks for it to be done? Getting rid of roof problems as soon as possible is much better because then you won’t have to worry about them. Roofing Monkey will do a good job and finish the job on time should you need to have your roof replaced.

Perfect Roof Repair Services

A small mistake made when putting on a new roof can cause leaks and other problems for years to come. If you want to keep your roof from having this butterfly effect, choose Roofing Monkey! Our skilled roofers know how to give people in Wisconsin roofs that will last in this weather. We’re a local roofing company with a great history in the area!

Shingle Roof

The roofers at Roofing Monkey have been fixing shingle roofs for a while now. There are a lot of different kinds and colors of shingles that you can choose from. This could help you make your home look great. Plus, if you hire Roofing Monkey to do the work, you can be sure that your home will have a roof that doesn’t leak for a long time!

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When picking the right roofing company for you, the price they charge for a job is just one of many things you should think about. Roofing Monkey has a great reputation for quality work and great customer service. People in Wisconsin should know that even though our services are top-notch, we still offer them at reasonable prices! After you call for a roof inspection, we’ll give you a quote on the re-roofing job.

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People in the Hudson, Wisconsin, area trust Roofing Monkey to do a good job on reroof services. We can get you a great deal on a new roof. Our roofers continue to make Wisconsin a great place to live for good work. We can send someone to look at your home’s roof if you call us at 715-716-6493 today!

Understanding the Importance of a New Roof

Every property comes with a roof. Sometimes, we ignore the importance of our roof and take it for granted. The installation of a new roof is either necessary when building a new property or when dealing with damage that cannot be repaired. At Roofing Monkey, located in Hudson, Wisconsin we take pride in installing new roofs successfully. In this article, we discuss the process of roof installation to answer some of the questions our clients have. If we have left your questions unanswered, call us today at 715-716-6493 to learn more.

What does the process entail?

For a sturdy and waterproof roof, the new roof installation procedure requires numerous phases. A new roof installation typically involves the following steps:

  1. First Assessment and Planning: The building owner or homeowner is consulted to identify their requirements, preferences, and budget for the new roof after an initial roof evaluation. When installing a roof, roofing specialists evaluate the structure, substrate, and surroundings for damage, leaks, and ventilation difficulties.
  2. Choice of Material: Roofing specialists propose performance, durability, and aesthetic roofing materials based on evaluation and client needs. Climate, construction standards, and architectural style may influence roofing material choice.
  3. Roof Preparation: Before replacing the roof, the old materials are removed, and the roof deck evaluated for damage. Repairing or replacing damaged or rotten decking provides a sturdy platform for the new roofing system. To improve waterproofing and weather resistance, roof preparation may include underlayment, flashing, and other protective layers.
  4. Installing Roof Materials: After preparing the roof deck, roofing contractors install the chosen materials per manufacturer specifications and industry best practices. This may require installing asphalt shingles, metal panels, tile, slate, or membrane roofing materials. A secure and waterproof seal is achieved by nailing, screwing, or attaching.
  5. Final Inspection and Cleanup: Roofing specialists evaluate the new roof after installation to guarantee quality and specification. After removing dirt, nails, and supplies, the work site is cleaned up to make it safe and neat.

What determines the cost of a new roof?

The price of a new roof depends on several variables, including these two main factors:

  1. Roof Size and Complexity: Roof size and intricacy affect cost. Larger roofs cost more to install due to more materials and labor.
  2. Roof Pitch and Access: Roof pitch and accessibility affect installation costs. Specialized equipment, safety procedures, and more manpower are needed to properly build steeper roofs, increasing installation costs.

A new roof may cost more due to tear-off and disposal, roof deck repairs, ventilation modifications, and extended warranties. These services may cost more upfront, but they may give peace of mind and long-term investment protection.

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New Roof installation can seem like a daunting task, however with our talented team at Roofing Monkey in Hudson, Wisconsin, we alleviate the stress. It is important to keep in mind the benefits of a new roof and to not delay the process if your property requires it. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to get your estimate today!

Roof Replacement – Hudson, WI

Roof Replacement1

Replacing your roof is a great chance to start over and put roof problems behind you. Call Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493 to schedule an inspection if your Hudson, Wisconsin home needs roof replacement services. We’ll then provide you with an estimate. Our knowledgeable roofers are seasoned experts who will secure your house with a long-lasting, exquisite new roof.

Examining the Roof

Are you unsure if your roof needs to be replaced? A fresh roof inspection will enable us to promptly determine the cause of the problem. We’ll determine the best course of action and send you an estimate once we’ve had a chance to evaluate the condition of your home’s roofing system. This can involve a roof replacement, a personalized maintenance schedule, or a repair. Our roofing specialists are skilled in all aspects and will produce excellent results, regardless of the needs your roof may have!

Experts in Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Roofing Monkey has consistently demonstrated that the roofs we build are built to last for many years. With years of experience replacing residential roofs, our roofing technicians take great care to assure top-notch construction. We maintain a safe and orderly work environment when replacing a roof. To keep your house leak-free, we build a brand-new roof after removing the old one and discarding the trash!

On-time Project Completion

Roofing can produce a lot of noise, particularly when replacing missing shingles with new ones. At Roofing Monkey, we make an effort to reduce our clients’ interruptions by organizing ahead of time and doing our work quickly. Thus, the job is completed on schedule!

Superior Materials

The type of material and the company that makes it have a significant impact on the long-term health of your roof. Choose Roofing Monkey for superior materials and great craftsmanship if you want the best of the best. Our roofing experts will install a faultless roof system that will protect your house! Give us a call, and we’ll go over your options for a new roof with you to see which one best fits your needs and budget!

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Roofing Monkey provides Hudson, Wisconsin homeowners with a variety of options. Give our professionals a call at 715-716-6493 if you require a roofing company to replace your roof. We regularly assist our clients by providing high-quality roof systems at competitive prices, both during installation and maintenance.

When is a commercial roof coating a viable option for your building?

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There are so many different roofing solutions on the market that picking anyone can be perplexing especially if your roof is showing signs of wear and tear. But if you are Spring Valley, WI then you have nothing to worry about commercial roof coatings because Roofing Monkey is here to offer the best roofing solution that takes into account the condition of your building and fits your commercial building’s specific needs and requirements. So, if you are wondering about commercial roof coating for your building, then give Roofing Monkey a call at 715-716-6493 to speak with us.

So How to Decide if it’s Time for a Commercial Roof Coating

Age is an important consideration because many times, old roofs can just go beyond the point of repair. However, if your roof is old, but the structure is still sound and intact, then a roof coating can go a long way in bringing your roof back to life. It can enhance your roof’s functionality and mitigate the need for a costly replacement.

roof coating

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: If you have seen your energy bills rise over the past few months, then you could greatly benefit from reflective roof coatings as they can drastically reduce your building’s cooling costs. Since any sunlight will be reflected from your roof and away from your building, it will help you maintain cooler roof temperatures which will also translate into energy savings and lower costs.

Frequency of Repairs: If your roof needs repair every now and then along with constant attention due to leaks and weathering, then it is time for commercial roof coating. Since your roof coating will add a protective layer on top, your roof will be safe from water infiltration through minor leaks or gaps. This will also help prevent future water damage as well.

Budget Considerations: Roof coatings are a great option if you are looking to delay the cost of a complete roof replacement. Not only this but roof coatings work instantly from the moment that they are applied so this allows you to extend the life of your roofing system without having to shoulder hefty replacement costs.

Environmental Impact: Opting for a roof coating aligns with eco-friendly practices. It reduces waste and energy consumption, contributing to more sustainable business operations.

Your Roofing Partners at Roofing Monkey

At Roofing Monkey, we pride ourselves on being more than just contractors who are out of the door as soon as they get the job done. When you work with us, you know that you are getting a roofing team on your side that is dedicated to making sure that your projects come out as a success with minimal disruption to your everyday business operations. We don’t just focus on your roof but also focus on what your business needs from us as your roofing partners.

If you’re in Spring Valley, WI, and contemplating a roof coating, let Roofing Monkey be your guide. Call us today at 715-716-6493 for expert advice, quality service, and roofing solutions including commercial roof coatings that stand the test of time.

Metal Roof Coating – Hudson, Wisconsin

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Roofing Monkey in Spring Valley, WI is unique in that we have extensive experience covering commercial buildings with metal roof coating services to increase their energy efficiency. Give us a call at 715-716-6493 for individualized roofing solutions that are tailored to the demands and specifications of your facility. Thus, you can focus on running your business and leave all roofing-related concerns to us.

The Need for Metal Roof Coatings

Any building with a metal roof benefits from metal roof coatings. A reason for metal roof coatings is for durability and endurance. Although resilient, metal roofs can corrode, rust, and deteriorate. Coatings shield metal against UV, rain, snow, and wind. Roof deterioration is delayed and lifespan extended.

Reduced heat absorption and increased reflection save electricity with metal roof coatings. Light-colored coverings reflect solar heat, cooling the building and reducing HVAC demand in hot weather. This saves air conditioning energy costs and enhances indoor comfort, making it eco-friendly.

Metal Roof Coating

Metal roof coatings also waterproof and weatherproof your roof. Coatings reduce water leaks by sealing seams, fractures, and gaps. Maintaining dry interiors prevents water damage, mold growth, and other risks.

Metal roof coatings enhance building attractiveness. They come in several colors and finishes, allowing homeowners to match their roof to the overall design scheme or aesthetic goal. Coatings might have sleek, sophisticated, or rustic looks.

Protective, beautiful, and sustainable metal roof coatings are a must have for metal roofs today. Longevity and energy savings from coatings lessen the environmental effect of metal roof maintenance and operation. LEED accreditation and environmental efforts benefit from green construction.

Metal roof coatings are important for durability, energy efficiency, waterproofing, aesthetics, and sustainability. Commercial, industrial, and residential buildings can benefit from quality coatings in performance, cost, and sustainability.

Cost of Metal Roof Coatings

The price of metal roof coating depends on various factors. This includes coating type and quality, roof size and complexity, roof condition, and property location.

On average, metal roof coatings cost $1.50–$5.00 per square foot. This pricing usually includes coating application supplies and labor. Prices vary by coating.

Simple acrylic coatings cost $1.50–$3.00/sq. ft. Weatherproof and UV-resistant coatings may last shorter than more modern ones.

Premium silicone or elastomeric coatings cost $3–$5/sqft. Durable, UV-resistant, and waterproof coatings prolong metal roof life.

Roof size and complexity affect cost. Extra-large roofs may cost more in materials and labor. If your roof needs extensive cleaning, repairs, or primer before coating, the cost may vary.

Professional roofers can estimate metal roof coating costs. Based on your roof’s size and condition, they may recommend the best coating product and quote a price. This explains the total cost of metal roof coating.

The Method Used by Roofing Monkey for Metal Roof Coating

At Roofing Monkey, we take great satisfaction in offering personalized solutions. Before selecting a metal roof coating, we thoroughly consider the unique requirements of each structure as well as the surrounding conditions. Our seasoned staff of committed roofers guarantees a smooth application process, long-term outcomes, and customer happiness


From the beginning to the conclusion, we at Roofing Monkey in Spring Hudson, WI, are dedicated to achieving your total satisfaction with our premium metal roof coating services. Thus, give us a call at 715-716-6493 for professional guidance and assistance, and let us improve the security and appeal of your business facility.

All About Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle Roof Repair1

Shingle roofs are popular for residential homes due to their durability, versatility, and beauty. Shingle roofs may need repair due to weather, wear, or improper installation. For longer life and performance, Hudson, Wisconsin’s Roofing Monkey restores shingle roofs. Contact us at 715-716-6493 for shingle roof repair!

The Need for Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle roof repair is needed to fix the roof’s many problems and prolong its life. Weather damage from rain, wind, snow, and sunlight can crack, curl, or lose shingles. These faults can be fixed immediately to minimize water leaks, structural issues, roof deterioration, maintaining weatherproofing.

Shingle roof granule loss, brittleness, and seal degradation can require repairs to extend their lifespan and avoid premature replacement. Broken or poorly installed shingles can leak water, causing mold, structural damage, and interior damage. Shingle roofs must be inspected and maintained often to avoid costly repairs and keep the structure dry.

The Process of Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle roof repair entails systematically identifying and fixing broken shingles. It usually involves these steps:

  1. Assessment: Roofing Monkey’s experienced roofers check the roof to determine damage and repair needs. examinations may include visual and close examinations of shingles, flashing, and other roofing components.
  2. Replacement: Damaged or missing shingles are carefully removed and replaced. To preserve the roof’s appearance, matching shingles are used.
  3. Sealant Application: Roof penetrations, vents, and flashing are sealed with sealants to prevent leaks. Quality sealants protect against the weather and stay longer.
  4. Final Inspection: Roofers evaluate the roof once repairs are done to verify correct installation and condition. Adjustments and touch-ups are conducted to maintain roof integrity and performance.

Protecting Shingle Roofs

Consider these techniques to extend the life of your shingle roof and reduce maintenance needs:

  1. Regular Inspections: Hire roofing specialists to evaluate your roof annually to spot problems before they become pricey repairs.
  2. Immediate Repair: To avoid future damage and preserve the roof, repair any symptoms of damage immediately.
  3. Tree Management: Trimming overhanging branches avoids roof and shingle damage during storms.

Repair Steps and Timeline

The intricacy and depth of damage determine how long shingle roof repair takes. A few missing shingles or tiny leaks may be fixed in a day or two. Replacing big areas of broken shingles or fixing structural concerns may take longer. Roofing Monkey pros reduce downtime and provide fast, dependable repairs.


Shingle roof repair is necessary for residential roofing system longevity. Roofing Monkey in Hudson, Wisconsin provides reliable shingle roof repair services. Residents can safeguard their investment and feel confident that their roofs are well-maintained and weatherproofed by following basic maintenance methods and resolving concerns quickly. Roofing Monkey provides trustworthy shingle roof repair services to prolong your home’s roofing system. Call now at 715-716-6493.

Save Money and Energy with Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coating1

The number of roofing alternatives might be overwhelming, especially if your roof is worn. If you live in Hudson, Wisconsin, you don’t need to worry about commercial roof coating since Roofing Monkey can find the finest roofing solution for your building’s condition and needs. If you have questions about commercial roof coating for your building, call Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493.


When determining if a commercial roof coating is necessary, age is a crucial factor to take into account because old roofs frequently need to be repaired beyond recognition. In case your roof is old but the structure is still strong and intact, applying a roof coating can significantly rejuvenate your roof. It can improve the functionality of your roof and lessen the need for an expensive replacement.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Reflective roof coatings can greatly reduce your building’s cooling costs, especially if energy costs have climbed recently. Your roof will reflect sunlight away from your building, keeping it cooler. It will also reduce energy costs.

Commercial Roof Coating

Repair Frequency: If your roof requires periodic maintenance in addition to ongoing repair because of leaks and deterioration, it’s time for a commercial roof coating. Your roof will be shielded from water infiltration through tiny cracks or holes since your roof coating will create a protective layer on top. Additionally, this will lessen the chance of further water damage.

Budget considerations: Roof coatings are a great way to delay roof replacement and save money. Roof coatings also start operating immediately, extending the longevity of your roofing system without high replacement costs.

Environmental Impact: Choosing a roof coating is consistent with environmentally responsible behavior. It contributes to more sustainable corporate operations by lowering waste and energy usage.

Roofing Monkey: Your Rooftop Partners

We’re proud that Roofing Monkey is more than just a group of contractors who leave after the job. This makes us happy. We’ve been doing this for a long time. If you engage with us, you will receive a roofing staff that is dedicated to completing your tasks properly and minimizing company disruption. We will provide this staff if you collaborate with us. Choosing to collaborate with us will put you in this situation. We consider both your roof’s requirements and your company’s criteria for us as your roofing partners.

Roofing Monkey deserves your business if you’re considering a Hudson, Wisconsin roof coating. Please call 715-716-6493 as soon as possible for professional advice, high-quality service, and long-lasting roof coatings for commercial structures.