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Metal Roof Coating1

Roofing Monkey in Spring Valley, WI is unique in that we have extensive experience covering commercial buildings with metal roof coating services to increase their energy efficiency. Give us a call at 715-716-6493 for individualized roofing solutions that are tailored to the demands and specifications of your facility. Thus, you can focus on running your business and leave all roofing-related concerns to us.

The Need for Metal Roof Coatings

Any building with a metal roof benefits from metal roof coatings. A reason for metal roof coatings is for durability and endurance. Although resilient, metal roofs can corrode, rust, and deteriorate. Coatings shield metal against UV, rain, snow, and wind. Roof deterioration is delayed and lifespan extended.

Reduced heat absorption and increased reflection save electricity with metal roof coatings. Light-colored coverings reflect solar heat, cooling the building and reducing HVAC demand in hot weather. This saves air conditioning energy costs and enhances indoor comfort, making it eco-friendly.

Metal Roof Coating

Metal roof coatings also waterproof and weatherproof your roof. Coatings reduce water leaks by sealing seams, fractures, and gaps. Maintaining dry interiors prevents water damage, mold growth, and other risks.

Metal roof coatings enhance building attractiveness. They come in several colors and finishes, allowing homeowners to match their roof to the overall design scheme or aesthetic goal. Coatings might have sleek, sophisticated, or rustic looks.

Protective, beautiful, and sustainable metal roof coatings are a must have for metal roofs today. Longevity and energy savings from coatings lessen the environmental effect of metal roof maintenance and operation. LEED accreditation and environmental efforts benefit from green construction.

Metal roof coatings are important for durability, energy efficiency, waterproofing, aesthetics, and sustainability. Commercial, industrial, and residential buildings can benefit from quality coatings in performance, cost, and sustainability.

Cost of Metal Roof Coatings

The price of metal roof coating depends on various factors. This includes coating type and quality, roof size and complexity, roof condition, and property location.

On average, metal roof coatings cost $1.50–$5.00 per square foot. This pricing usually includes coating application supplies and labor. Prices vary by coating.

Simple acrylic coatings cost $1.50–$3.00/sq. ft. Weatherproof and UV-resistant coatings may last shorter than more modern ones.

Premium silicone or elastomeric coatings cost $3–$5/sqft. Durable, UV-resistant, and waterproof coatings prolong metal roof life.

Roof size and complexity affect cost. Extra-large roofs may cost more in materials and labor. If your roof needs extensive cleaning, repairs, or primer before coating, the cost may vary.

Professional roofers can estimate metal roof coating costs. Based on your roof’s size and condition, they may recommend the best coating product and quote a price. This explains the total cost of metal roof coating.

The Method Used by Roofing Monkey for Metal Roof Coating

At Roofing Monkey, we take great satisfaction in offering personalized solutions. Before selecting a metal roof coating, we thoroughly consider the unique requirements of each structure as well as the surrounding conditions. Our seasoned staff of committed roofers guarantees a smooth application process, long-term outcomes, and customer happiness


From the beginning to the conclusion, we at Roofing Monkey in Spring Hudson, WI, are dedicated to achieving your total satisfaction with our premium metal roof coating services. Thus, give us a call at 715-716-6493 for professional guidance and assistance, and let us improve the security and appeal of your business facility.