At Roofing Monkey, we’re committed to providing high standards of service to our clients throughout Wisconsin. At the forefront of that commitment is utilizing products that can help business owners and property managers restore their roofs to a like-new condition, without the expensive need for a total roof replacement. Each of our applicators have gone through rigorous training to provide these energy-efficient, sustainable products.

Solutions for Restoration

We understand that every business owner dreads a total roof replacement. There is a better option for most roofs that are moderately worn or damaged. This is a total roof restoration! When you choose this solution, you receive:

  • Fully adhered, seam-free barrier over your roofing substrate
  • No more leaks with a superior waterproofing method
  • Energy Star certified roofing system
  • Reflectivity of up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Cost savings of up to 30% in utility costs annually
  • Strengthens your building structure
  • No costly or disruptive tear off
  • No expensive landfill fees
  • Protection against high winds, hail, UV degradation and more
  • Non-prorated warranties available!

Another great benefit is that these restoration systems can be recoated to extend the life of your dated roof all over again!

Reasons To Restore

There is a startling industry statistic that shows commercial roofs are replaced prematurely 70-80% of the time! At Roofing Monkey, we prefer to save our clients time and money with solutions that can restore their roof to a like new condition, with minimal disruptions to their day to day operations. These white, reflective surfaces not only save money with the initial installation, but they can also pay for themselves in as few as 7 years with the energy savings they generate!

A few additional benefits of restorations include:

  • Preserve your existing roof and extend its life
  • No exposed areas or seams for water infiltration
  • Earth-friendly and sustainable application
  • Reduce building’s carbon footprint

If you’re looking to restore your property with trusted materials, turn to our expert team at Roofing Monkey to reinforce your facility. You can reach us at 715-716-6493.

Replacement Options for Metal Roofing

Sometimes a roof is too far gone and will need a total roof replacement. Our team is fully trained and equipped to provide metal roof replacements for business owners throughout Wisconsin. You will notice an increase in durability with your new roof, and minimal maintenance requirements.

If your commercial or industrial metal roof is past the point of restoration, give our team a call at 715-716-6493 to request a no-obligation roof assessment.