As the leading type of roofing system for residential roofing properties, shingles offer homeowners and those with pitched roofs a dependable form of protection. Here at Roofing Monkey, we offer our customers both asphalt and metal shingles. We know your roof plays a valuable role in the protection of your home and both the people and contents inside. We are honored to deliver our neighbors the protection you and your family deserve. We offer a complete list of roofing services from repairs to roof replacement, and are here to make sure your home is protected as it demands.

With high-quality products and our expert roofing technicians, your roof will be destined for the long-term success it was designed for. We will keep you protected without question, season after season. We recommend having routine roof inspections completed to ensure long-term success. Routine roof inspections help to catch any damaged shingles early on, allowing us to repair and replace as needed without compromising your entire roof. Trust your roofers so that you can trust your roof. Call our team today at (715) 716-6493.

Custom Roofing Solutions

With offerings of both traditional asphalt shingles as well as metal shingles, we provide our customers with the custom roofing solutions they deserve. Knowing which type of roofing system is best depends on several factors, and our experts will help you make an informed decision. Your home, your location, your budget, and several other factors must be considered, and we remain committed to providing you with the best solution possible.

Determining which shingle will be best for your home is a task we take very seriously. Your roof is a significant investment and we will help you see the greatest return, as well as protection from this investment. The two types of shingles we offer are asphalt and metal, and they have varying advantages and costs.

Asphalt or composite shingles are your traditional shingles. These are generally your most cost-effective roofing solution and can absolutely provide the long-term protection you desire.

Metal shingles offer a greater aesthetic appeal for many homeowners. They are more costly than asphalt shingles, but also come with a much longer lifespan. Metal roofs can offer greater energy efficiency than an asphalt roof and that is an appeal for many homeowners.

Whatever type of roof you are looking for, you can trust in our expert roofers to provide the facts and services needed. Your home or property deserves to be protected without question, and we are proud to be the team you can trust in for that and more. A few things you can count on when you hire Roofing Monkey for any of your roofing needs:

  • Expertly trained roofing contractors
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Full-service warranties
  • Custom roofing solutions

Dependable Protection

We are in the roofing industry to help our neighbors stay protected. You are the reason we are here, and we will continue to be here season after season. Whether your shingled roof is due for repair or replacement, or you have a new build that you are looking to protect, we have the solutions you need. Our team of experts comes prepared with the knowledge and materials to leave your home or property protected for the long haul. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Call Roofing Monkey today at (715) 716-6493.