Convenient New Metal Roofing Services

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular for property owners across the nation, thanks to its many benefits. If you would like help or more information on installing your new metal roofing, Roofing Monkey in Pine Grove, WI, is here to help! Call us today at 715-716-6493 to learn more.

Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is a sheet, or numerous pieces, of metal, that cover your roof. Multiple types of metal are used, but these are some of the most common ones available:

  • Galvalume steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum

They are also subdivided based on the panel styles. There are various options to choose from:

Standing Seam

With this option, metal panels are interlocked at the edges to produce a seam. The fasteners are attached so they are hidden underneath the roof, making your building more visually appealing. This roofing type is often considered the best one.

There are also additional types of standing seam roofing. Our team can explain the differences between each one and help you make the best choice for your situation.

Exposed Fastener

New Metal Roofing

Exposed fastener roofs are considered more economical. In this case, the heads of the fasteners are visible, since they go through the metal and into the roof deck.

Stamped Profiles

Stamped profiles are an excellent option for those who prefer shingles or texture on top of their roof. There are numerous stamped options available, such as shingles and tiles.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers several benefits. Most importantly, it is a very durable roofing type that can last for many years. With proper maintenance, it can last for two to three times longer than traditional roofs. Metal roofs also require minimal maintenance, and the installation process is quite simple.

Metal roofs are fire-resistant and withstand severe weather conditions. In fact, they have the highest ratings for hail impact and fire protection and can even withstand hurricane-force winds. They are ideal for shedding snow and rain.

Metal roofs are also known to be highly energy-efficient. They can reduce cooling costs by up to 25% and are very environmentally friendly. Not only does this save you money, but it can make your business more eco-friendly.

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Metal roofing can be incredibly advantageous for your building, but you need to ensure a correct installation. If your building is in Pine Grove, WI, contact the team at Roofing Monkey. Our skilled technicians will successfully complete your job. Call us today at 715-716-6493!

Importance of Commercial Roofing Services

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If you want your roof to function optimally for decades, you need top-grade commercial roofing services. There is a range of services to choose from, including coatings, repairs, leak detection, and reroofing. All of these can help extend the lifespan of your commercial roof. Here at Roofing Monkey, we provide our valued customers with top-quality customer service. Regardless of the roofing service you need, our proficient team can complete it with matchless quality and dedication. We work hard to provide commercial and industrial building owners with undisputed protection season after season. If you are a commercial or industrial building owner in Pine Grove, WI, call us today at 715-716-6493!

In-Depth Roof Inspection Services

An inspection is the most important component of any commercial roofing service. No matter what roofing type is on your commercial building, you can count on our skilled crew to perform an in-depth inspection. This will allow us to address the underlying problems of your roof. We’ll propose the necessary solutions to avoid more serious issues in the future.

Commercial Roofing Services

We generally recommend property owners schedule professional roof inspections at least twice a year. It is also a good idea to schedule an inspection after a major weather event. This will allow us to address and repair any damage that may have occurred.

Top-Quality Commercial Roofing Services

If your commercial or industrial roof encounters problems, we can either propose repairs or a roof coating. If the situation is severe enough, we might even suggest a complete replacement.

No matter what the case is, our renowned team always goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations. We use high-quality materials to ensure your roof stays in optimal condition for many years to come. See for yourself why so many in the state choose us!

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The severe climate of Wisconsin can test the limits of your commercial roof. Therefore, you need top-quality commercial roofing services at your disposal at all times. If your commercial or industrial building is in Pine Grove, WI, you have no better choice than Roofing Monkey. Call us today at 715-716-6493! We look forward to working with you.

Flat Roof Repair – River Falls, WI

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Have a flat roof that could use a bit of work? Whether it’s a tear in the membrane or some other type of problem, the team at Roofing Monkey will deliver a timely and effective flat roof repair. If you are in River Falls, WI, call us at 715-716-6493 for help from top commercial roofing specialists.

Essence of a Flat Roof Repair

Roof Inspections

Roofing Monkey inspects roofs for free! Setting up a couple of roof inspections per year from a qualified roofing contractor is crucial for anyone hoping to keep their roof in top condition. When we inspect roofs, we check for any existing problems and do what we can to prevent new ones from forming. We’ll always tailor our roofing solutions to better suit the specific needs of your commercial roof!

Roof Maintenance

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Maintaining a flat roof correctly takes regular roof inspections and trustworthy roofing technicians. Here at Roofing Monkey, we know that we are able to extend the lifespan of flat roofs significantly through custom roof maintenance plans. By maintaining your flat roof, you will avoid costly roof problems and you won’t need to pay to have it replaced any time soon!

Restoring Flat Roofs

When flat roofs start developing leaks, it could be time to think about having it restored. Here at Roofing Monkey, we have a long history of success with roof coatings! When applied by our experienced team, a roof coating will stop a roof from leaking for several years. This service will lengthen the lifespan of your commercial roof while lowering energy costs!

Flat Roof Replacements

Should your flat roof be in too poor of condition to warrant restoring or repairing, it’s time to collect estimates on flat roof replacements! You’ll notice that the prices at Roofing Monkey are competitive against other roofing companies in the area. Plus, our craftsmanship is world class, meaning your new flat roof will be expertly installed and ready to last decades thanks to our experienced roofing technicians.

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Roofing Monkey provides fast and effective roofing services for the people of River Falls, WI. If your commercial building requires a flat roof repair, call our team today at 715-716-6493. We will be by shortly after to sort out the best solution.

Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

For your commercial metal roof to remain in optimal condition, it is essential to have a trusted contractor by your side. You should properly care for your metal roof, as it is more expensive than other roofing types. If you’re a commercial or industrial building owner in Pine Grove, WI, contact the expert team at Roofing Monkey for all your roofing needs. Call us today at 715-716-6493 for your free estimate!

Detailed Roof Inspection

There are many ways in-depth roof inspections can be beneficial for property owners. Our team offers affordable and detailed roof inspection services. Our inspections allow us to detect any problems or potential issues and suggest the best solutions. This allows you to save both money and time in the long term. You will be able to avoid costly repairs in the future.

With our roof inspection services, we can help you determine the best steps to take to maintain your roof in optimal condition.

Metal Roof Restoration

In order for your metal roof to last as long as possible, you should consider a high-quality restoration. Regardless of the restoration service you choose, you can rely on our expert team. For example, our coating services will strengthen your roof and ensure it lasts for many years to come.

In addition to the exceptional workmanship our technicians display, we also have a flawless track record in the industry. You can rest easy when you choose us, knowing you have nothing to worry about. Come see for yourself why so many in Wisconsin choose us!

About Our Company

Our crew is well-known in the region, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry. We provide a large range of commercial roofing services, including for your metal roof. Our customers have come to depend on our high-quality craftsmanship and warm customer service.

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As an industrial or commercial building owner in Pine Grove, WI, you can trust the experts at Roofing Monkey for all your metal roofing needs. Regardless of the service you need, we are here to help. Call us today at 715-716-6493, and we will take care of the rest!

When You Might Need Flat Roof Repair Services

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As a business owner, your commercial building is a valuable asset that requires regular care and maintenance to remain in good condition. Your flat roof is one area you should prioritize. A flat roof can develop a variety of problems over time, compromising its structural integrity and putting your building at risk. As a result, you should know how to identify the signs that you may need flat roof repair services. Contact the experts at Roofing Monkey in Pine Grove, WI, for more information. Call us today at 715-716-6493!

What to Look For

Water Leakage

Water leakage is one of the most evident signs that your flat roof needs repairs. If you find water stains on your ceiling or walls, a leak is very likely. To prevent more damage to your building, you must address the situation as quickly as possible.

Cracks and Holes

Over time, a flat roof can develop cracks and holes due to exposure to rain, hail, or wind. This can lead to water damage and eventually cause your roof to fail. If you notice cracks or holes in your roof, call our team to assess the damage and provide the necessary repairs.

Blisters and Bubbles

Flat Roof Repair

Blisters and bubbles on a flat roof are frequently due to trapped moisture or air. They can also undermine the structure of your roof and cause it to deteriorate. If you notice blisters or bubbles on your roof, this is an indication that repairs are necessary.


A sagging roof is a significant red flag that your building needs flat roof repairs. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as excess weight on the roof, poor installation, or water damage. It’s crucial to address this issue as soon as possible to prevent a roof collapse.

Poor Drainage

Flat roofs are designed to allow water to drain off, but if your roof has inadequate drainage, water can accumulate and damage your structure. If you observe standing water on your roof, contact our crew to analyze the problem and perform the required repairs.

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Your roof is a crucial part of your commercial building, and it’s essential to keep it in good condition. It’s also important to address any issues promptly in order to avoid further damage in the future. The team at Roofing Monkey in Pine Grove, WI, specializes in providing high-quality flat roof repair services. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to schedule your inspection!

Importance of Commercial Roofing Services

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In order for your commercial roof to last as long as possible, you need a contractor to provide top-quality commercial roofing services. There is a range of services your commercial roof may need, such as a coating, re-roofing, repairs, or something else. No matter what you need, the talented specialists at Roofing Monkey are here to help. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we consistently provide top-notch roofing services for our community. If you’re a commercial or industrial building owner in Lake Hallie, WI, call us today at 715-716-6493 for more information!

In-Depth Roof Inspection Service

In order for any roofing service to be successful, your contractor should begin with a detailed inspection. This is exactly why our team always begins with an in-depth examination of your roof. We will go over every single inch of your roof to make sure we detect any problem it may have and provide the best solutions possible.

Flawless Roof Installation

Commercial Roofing Services

If your industrial or commercial building is under construction and you need a sturdy roof, our expert technicians are here to help. When you hire us, we will first offer you a customized and free estimate. Once we reach an agreement, we will begin your installation project and complete it efficiently and flawlessly.

Additional Commercial Roofing Services

If you notice your commercial roof is deteriorating, you should contact our team. There could be several solutions, including a coating, a full-fledged replacement, or even some quick repairs. The right option depends on your roof’s condition.

No matter what you need, you can rest assured that our talented team will provide excellent craftsmanship. We will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision. Come see for yourself why so many in Wisconsin choose us!

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For efficient and long-lasting commercial roofing services in Lake Hallie, WI, building owners have no better choice than the fully trained and insured crew at Roofing Monkey. Our roofing specialists have been serving our neighbors in the area for many years. We look forward to serving you as well! Call us today at 715-716-6493 for more information.

Shingles – Lake Hallie, WI


Do you want your commercial building’s roof to be as strong as possible? Then shingles may be the right choice for you! If you are interested in learning more, you have no better option than Roofing Monkey in Lake Hallie, WI. Our team is ready to provide a wide variety of shingle services for commercial and industrial building owners. Whenever you need us, we will be ready to serve you and protect your valuable investment. If you have questions about our shingle services, call us today at 715-716-6493 for more information!

Trustworthy Roofing Team

It is hard for a roofing company to maintain a good reputation for long if it doesn’t offer long-lasting roofing services. That is why some companies go out of business earlier than expected.

However, during our many years in the industry, our team has continued to prove that we are a reliable choice for building owners in Wisconsin. Come see for yourself why so many choose us!

Shingle Specialists


Our experienced and knowledgeable crew has been solving roofing problems, including those related to shingles, for many years. Therefore, you can rest easy, knowing that our expert roofers are providing your home with the care and attention it deserves.

Schedule your roof inspection with us today! Once our team completes it, we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

Your roof can encounter many different problems, such as wind damage or leaks. Our team excels at leak detection and repairs. With our thorough roof inspection, we can determine precisely where the leaks are on your roof and the best possible way to fix them.

Top-Notch Roofers

It is an honor for us to serve our neighbors in Wisconsin. Our team consists of proficient roofers who always complete each job with dedication and hard work. In addition to their unmatched workmanship, commercial building owners in the state can rely on us for world-class roofing solutions at affordable prices.

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If you own a commercial or industrial building in Lake Hallie, WI, contact Roofing Monkey for top-quality roofing solutions at affordable prices. Our fully trained and insured roofing crew keeps showing why we should be your first option. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to schedule your roof inspection!

Roof Replacement – Pine Grove, WI

Roof Replacement1

When it comes to the most valuable and significant parts of your commercial building, your roof should be at the top of the list. However, just like anything else, your roof can encounter problems over time. If you have exhausted other options, such as repairs or a restoration, then you may have no other choice but a complete replacement. Though a roof replacement is an intimidating task, the technicians at Roofing Monkey in Pine Grove, WI, have the necessary skills and experience to successfully complete such a project. This is why they are your top choice for a high-quality roof replacement. Call us today at 715-716-6493 for more information!

Customized Roof Replacement Services

We understand that each roof is different, which is why we firmly believe that each roof must receive personalized solutions. Our roofing technicians customize their replacement services to each client’s specific situation. With their customized roof replacement services, they ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work. Come see for yourself why so many in Wisconsin choose us.

About Us

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a large project, which is why your contractor should complete it with dedication and focus. When reviewing roofing companies in the state, you will see that there are many options to choose from. However, make sure to select the right one for your needs and preferences.

You will conclude that we are indeed your best choice for solving all of your roofing problems. In addition to being custom-tailored and state-of-the-art, our roof replacement services are available at a reasonable cost.

We understand that a roof replacement can seriously interrupt your business operations. Therefore, we strive to complete your project as quickly as possible, allowing you to return to your normal routine. We keep you informed of progress throughout the entire project.

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If you feel the time has come to replace your commercial roof in Pine Grove, WI, contact the specialists at Roofing Monkey. We will inspect your commercial roof in detail. If the best course of action is a roof replacement, you can rest easy, knowing that we will complete the job efficiently and flawlessly. Call us today at 715-716-6493!

Roof Inspection – Altoona, WI

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Since your roof is the most exposed part of your property, it is susceptible to damage. External elements, like rain, dirt, sun, and insects, can all contribute to the wear and tear your roofing system experiences over time. Therefore, it is essential to properly maintain your roof. A roof inspection is a crucial service, as it allows you to detect any problems. If you’re in Altoona, WI, then Roofing Monkey is your one-stop solution to all your roofing worries. To learn more about us, call today at 715-716-6493!

Importance of Roof Inspections

The first step in resolving any problem is to identify it. If you suspect your roof has encountered problems, then you should schedule an inspection. Tiny leaks, breaks, blockages, or flaws in a roof are challenging for a layperson to detect. However, a professional contractor is trained to notice these things. That is why you need professional roof inspection services.

Undoubtedly, your roof is one of the most important parts of any house. However, roofs deteriorate over time. Minor damage can quickly impact the quality of your roof.

We highly encourage you to schedule regular inspections. Don’t delay! Delaying an inspection could have far-reaching consequences.

Our Team

Roof Inspection

We are a Wisconsin-based full-service commercial roofing company that provides a wide range of services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our team of experts offers high-quality roofing services at low prices. Our crew is more than ready to tackle your roofing project, no matter the size or complexity. They are fully licensed and insured and follow strict safety protocols to ensure our clients and their property are protected throughout the whole job.

We also use high-quality materials, including Conklin products, to give consumers long-lasting and trustworthy roofing solutions.We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are committed to providing personalized services, showcasing our company’s dedication to maintaining high standards.

Furthermore, our roof inspection services are both affordable and comprehensive. After the inspection, we compile our findings into a report that we give to the customer.

During our inspections, we examine drainage systems, seams, penetrations, flashings, and we also perform water infiltration tests. We believe in choosing the most cost-effective solutions, since we understand the financial restraints that some may face.

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If you are looking for a high-quality roofing contractor in Altoona, WI, Roofing Monkey should be your first choice! Call us today at 715-716-6493 to schedule your inspection.

Roof Coating – Altoona, WI

Roof Coating1

Roof coating services have grown in popularity among building owners, as a coating can offer rapid and straightforward solutions to your problems. Your roofing system is constantly exposed to potentially hazardous materials that could cause problems if not appropriately managed. A coating is a good way to give your roof additional protection. Roofing Monkey in Altoona, WI, is a full-service commercial roofing contractor that has served those in the state for many years. One of our specialties is roof coating services. Call us today at 715-716-6493 to learn more!

What a Roof Coating Is

No matter how strong or resilient your roof is, it will not be able to withstand the elements forever. At some point, it will need repairs. Due to severe weather or general wear and tear, your roof may encounter serious issues. A coating helps give your roof an additional layer of protection.

A roof coating is critical to preserve the integrity and longevity of your roof. A coating protects against the elements, such as UV rays, rain, and hail, and can help prevent leaks and other damage. Roof coatings can also help you save money on utility bills by reflecting sunlight and keeping your property cooler in the summer. We provide various coating solutions to meet your needs, including acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane coatings.

A roof coating is an excellent way to increase the lifespan of your roof. By protecting your property against wear and tear as well as severe weather, your roof will remain in optimal condition and last for much longer. For high-quality roof coating services, reach out to us today!

Choose Us

Roof Coating

You can rely on our team for all your roofing needs. We are a well-known commercial roofing contractor in Wisconsin with many years of experience.

Because we have been in the industry for so long, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable roofing team. Our crew always stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. We are also known for our eco-friendly and cost-effective methods.

Furthermore, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we are committed to using high-quality materials and providing personalized services.

We take pride in providing outstanding customer service, from the initial consultation to the final inspection. We are always available to answer your questions. We will work with you to complete your roofing project and exceed your expectations.

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Call Roofing Monkey in Altoona, WI, today at 715-716-6493 to schedule your roof coating!