Metal Roof – Eau Claire, WI

Metal roofing is an excellent option if you’re building a new home or if your current roof is in need of repair or replacement. In addition to its eye-catching, attractive appearance, metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular because of its many beneficial characteristics. Metal roofs are a practical, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly roofing material that can be found on a wide range of structures, including residences, businesses, and factories. See why metal roofing is a smart choice for your home by learning about some of its advantages. If you are from Eau Claire, WI, and need more information, then contact Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493.

Why is metal roof a wise investment?

The lifespan of metal roofs is exceptionally long when compared to the lifespans of other common roofing materials. Single ply or asphalt shingles are only expected to last about half as long as metal roofs, which have a life expectancy of 40+ years. Roofing made of metal is highly fire retardant, so it will not burn in the event of a fire The material’s fire-resistance makes it a safe choice for use. Typically, the roof is a place where a lot of heat can be lost or gained in a building. Because of this inefficiency, your building will be hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter, which will raise your utility bills. While metals can help keep your building cooler in the summer by reflecting radiant heat from the sun, they aren’t the only option.

Metal roofs, on the whole, are much lighter than other options like tile. Because of this property, metal roofing can be installed quickly and with little strain on the structures supporting the weight of the roof. Choosing metal as a roofing material is one of the greenest and most sustainable options you can make. Many metal roofs already contain a percentage of recycled material, and for those who are concerned about sustainability, you can easily find recycled sheet roofing. Metal roofs not only last for a long time, but they are also low-maintenance and easy to repair. There are no cracks, splits, corrosion, or mould in metal roofs because of their inherent properties. If you are from Eau Claire, WI, and need more information, then contact Roofing Monkey at 715-716-6493.